Message from South Gloucestershie Council

Due to the incoming weather conditions and  weather warnings we have reviewed our operations and to protects the safety of residents and staff there will be some disruption to waste services over the next 2 days.

We are sorry but waste and recycling collections will not be taking place tomorrow Friday 2 March. Residents will be asked to not present their waste and recycling and bring any material already presented back on to their property. It will not be possible to make a catch up collection and so residents will be asked to present on their next normal collection day. For recycling this will be next Friday 9 March and for Residual and Garden waste this will be two weeks’ time on Friday 16 March.  Residents will be able to present up to 2 extra bags of residual  waste next to their black bin on Friday 16 March. The areas affected are listed in the attached document.

 Unfortunately will also be closing the Sort It Recycling Centres from 2pm this afternoon until 8.30am on Sunday morning. This is to ensure the safety of staff and residents using the facility.  We also need time to clear the sites of snow and ice to ensure the sites are safe when we re-open on Sunday.

 The main communication to residents will be going out early this afternoon on our website and social media pages, they may also be picked up by the radio and TV.  The messages are below and we would appreciate your help in spreading the messages through any local groups, social media forums etc.


We are sorry that waste and recycling collections will not be taking place on Friday 2 March due to snow and ice, this is protect the safety of residents and staff. Please take your bins and recycling containers back on to your property until your next normal collection.  For  Recycling the next collection is Friday 9 March, please present any extra recycling. Residual and Garden bins will be collected Friday 16 March. If you have extra non-recyclable waste we will collect up to two bags left next to your black bin on Friday 16 March.

 Sites Closed

We are sorry but due to the snow and ice we have had to shut all  four Sort It Recycling Centres in South Gloucestershire. The sites will be shut from 2pm on Thursday 1 March until 8.30am Sunday 4 March.  This is to protect the safety of residents and staff and to clear the sites of snow and ice before opening on Sunday.