Highway Improvements Survey

highway improvements survey

Highway improvement measures to improve community safety and environmental health are being investigated for a section of the B4465.  

Members at Dodington Parish Council have been contacted by residents in Dodington Ash regarding the speed that some vehicles travel along the B4465.  This prompted them to investigate conducting a simple survey.  However, we are taking the opportunity to ask not just about B4465, but other roads and schemes within the rural ward.

The closure of the A432 Badminton Road has impacted on our roads, as motorists have looked for new routes to avoid the diversion.  Sodbury Lane and Dodington Lane have seen a big increase in traffic (not helped by the roadworks on the A46 by the Cross Hands).  Around Christmas there were almost daily reports of cars in ditches or through hedges on Sodbury Lane.  In response, South Gloucestershire Council made the interim changes introducing a temporary 30mph speed limit, refreshing road markings (including centre lines) and replacing missing warning signs.

Due to the speed that these measures were needed, it was decided to implement the reduced speed limit using a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) instead of the formal, permanent order.  This requires no formal consultation as it is within the councils’ statutory powers under the Highway Act – to maintain the safety of those using the public highway.  Further measures are proposed in the 2024 – 25 capital programme.

Residents of the quiet rural hamlet of Dodington have also seen a big increase in the volume of traffic, particularly during commuting hours.  This mainly single-track lane, popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders has seen speeding traffic in both directions, wrecking the grass verges in their attempts to pass.  Residents have applied to SGC for Dodington Lane and part of Catchpot Lane to receive ‘Quiet Lane’ status.

The final part of the survey is regarding the Temporary Traffic Lights at Tormarton.  When they have been in situ in past, local people have requested that they be made permanent.  This is something that members at Dodington Parish Council and neighbouring parishes have asked SGC.  To date the response has been negative – it is too expensive – and other measures have been put in place.  However, they are in situ again (due to A432 Badminton Road Closure) and we are asking for your thoughts.


It is hoped that carrying out this survey will give Dodington Parish Council and Ward Members evidence of what local residents / road users and other stakeholders thoughts are regarding our rural roads, so that this can be presented to South Gloucestershire Council.

It can’t be guaranteed that changes will be made, but by gathering information it will help put our case forward.

You can complete this survey totally anonymously.  If you want to be kept informed of any updates, then please fill in your contact details at the end of the survey.

Further information about Quiet Lane Status can be found here (opens to an external website): https://www.cpre.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/quiet_lanes_1.pdf

A map of the area in question can be found here: Map of Rural Ward