South Glos Council has announced that the planning application to demolish the Tern Inn and build flats on the site and the adjacent car park has just been REFUSED.

This very popular local pub and live music venue and the car park were recently listed as “Assets of Community Value” (ACVs). The pub closed on 11 June because the owner refused to renew the lease, and the property has recently been boarded up.

The key reasons why the scheme was refused were:

    • The very negative impact of the proposals on the Heron Way Local Centre
    • Removing the pub, listed as an ACV, without an alternative within 800 metres, would be against South Glos planning policy
    • It would also mean the loss of the Local Centre Car Park, also an ACV, without any alternative
    • The scheme would not have enough parking and delivery space, and it would push vehicles out onto the main road. The overall effect has been classed as “severe” and “detrimental to the travelling public”

The full decision notice can be seen here

So what might happen now? The landowner could appeal against the decision – this is the most likely. In that case the Government will appoint an independent inspector who would hold a hearing locally. On the other hand the owner might submit a different scheme, and the planning process would have to start all over again. Or of course they might concede defeat and consider negotiating with other interested parties?

This decision is one small step towards getting the pub and the car park back, but nothing is guaranteed.