It has been brought to our attention that some residents are still accessing our play areas by breaking and removing the tape we have used to secure them. We appreciate that it’s hard, but outdoor communal places within parks, such as playgrounds, are CLOSED under the rules set out on 23rd March by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Please respect this – obeying the rules will help save lives and help protect our NHS. As well as our play areas at Woodchester, Lilliput Park and Goldcrest, we have also been ordered to close our sports pitches at Woodchester, Lilliput Park and QEII Playing Fields, plus our outdoor gym equipment at Lilliput Park.
Please report any incidents of residents entering our play areas to the Police on 101. We are sourcing better security for our play areas to prevent access.
Whilst our parks and public open spaces continue to be open for people to carry out their daily exercise, they must adhere to the Social Distancing rules and not congregate in groups of more than two (unless they are from the same household). Police are patrolling the Parish and breaking up any groups who are not from the same family.
Thank you for your co-operation at this time.