Dodington Parish Council is celebrating the long service of Cllr Paul Hulbert.  To mark the occasion Paul was joined by fellow Councillors, family, and friends at Wapley Bushes on 27th November, where Paul planted three oak trees on the edge of the meadow.Image of man with shovel and new tree planted

As Chairman Cllr Chris Zapata notes, Paul joined the Council in May 1983 and initially served a four-year term.

He then then re-joined the Council in May 1991 and has served continuously ever since, making 2021 the 30th anniversary of Paul’s continued service.

Paul served as Chairman of the Council from 1997 to 2002 and during that time saw completion of the extension of the Parish Hall to accommodate the Council office and Chamber

He has also served as Vice Chairman of the Council from 2015 – 2016.

He is a member on all three Parish Council committees:  Community, Leisure and Environment, Planning and Finance and General Purposes.

Paul has also worked closely with our neighbouring councils and Councillors and he has sat and still sits on many external committees, with just a few examples being Abbotswood Action Group, Joint Cycleways Group, Chipping Sodbury Tourist Information Centre and, of course, Wapley Bushes Conservation Group.

When asked what inspired him to become a Councillor Paul said: “I wanted to make a difference at a local level, particularly on environmental issues”.

Cllr Paul Hulbert was asked earlier this year how he would like to mark his 30 years of service. He shared his ambition for Wapley and how he wants to keep it thriving and improve it for future generations to enjoy – hence the three new oak trees, which have been planted to complement two others.  They complete a line of oaks as you walk along the footpath from Besom Lane to Sargeants Bridge.

Chairman Cllr Chris Zapata said: “On behalf of the Parish Council I congratulate and thank Paul for his service and dedication to local people of Dodington”.