Dodington Parish Council is delighted to announce that it has installed a new community defibrillator in Dodington South Ward.

The defibrillator has been installed on the wall of the Wishing Well pub on Wapley Road in Codrington, with the kind permission of landlord Mark Tobin.

The Parish Council has now placed a public access defibrillator in each ward.  The first was installed in June 2015 at their hall on the site of Raysfield School, Finch Road, Chipping Sodbury.  This was after being approached by a local parishioner, Hilary Turner whose son had a SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest).  Hilary said, “We are so grateful to Dodington Parish Council for continuing to install these lifesaving defibrillators in the community.  Since our son collapsed in 2013 with a cardiac arrest, our daughter has had a diagnosis of C.P.V.T (Catecholamingeric polymorphic ventricular tachycardia).  Knowing that defibrillators are in our community to provide help in saving someone’s life means so much to our family.”

The other community defibrillator is on Kelston Close in Yate, close to Abbotswood and Culverhill schools.

If you suspect someone is having a cardiac arrest:

  1. Call 999
  2. Start CPR
  3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there’s one nearby. The 999 call operator will give you a code to open the defibrillator cabinet
  4. Follow the instructions to use a defibrillator. You do not need to be trained to use it.