We are in unprecedented times…..and one thing that can cheer us up is the weather – and fact that we are now allowed to meet in groups of up to 6 people outside – so long as we maintain the necessary social distancing.  This is good news……

What isn’t such good news for Dodington Parish Council (and other local council’s across the country) is when people don’t behave responsibly.

Our public open spaces have been inundated this weekend – as the litter this morning demonstrated only too well.

We have increased the frequency of emptying the litter bins that we are responsible for – HOWEVER – we are struggling to keep on top of the mess.


As such we would urge people – IF the bin is FULL – PLEASE – take your litter home and DON’T  leave it beside the bin….it only gets strewn across the park by wind and animals – and becomes an eyesore and a health hazard and a fire risk.

Some people are being allowed to venture outside for the first time in 8 – 10 weeks – and we don’t want their first impressions of our open spaces to be one of dereliction….so PLEASE – as well as Staying Safe and Respecting Others – take your litter home.

If you have any concerns about state of :-

Goldcrest Park, Lilliput Park, QEII Playing Fields (Kelston Close), Wapley Bushes Nature Reserve / Picnic Area or Woodchester Play Area – please don’t hesitate to contact the council.

01454 866546


Whilst we can try and keep parks clean and tidy for everyone – we can’t police large gatherings – so if you have concerns about breaches of Covid-19 rules – then contact the police.

Thank you.