The UK Health Security Agency have issued new guidance to parents, with Group A Strep infections at a slightly higher than expected level for this time of year.
Group A Strep is a common bacteria, which causes a range of infections including Scarlet Fever. While infections are usually mild, it is important to stay alert.
Parents are advised to trust their judgement, and should speak to their GP or call 111 if their child is poorly and getting worse.
Strep A symptoms to be aware of can include:
  • your child is feeding or eating much less than normal
  • your child has had a dry nappy for 12 hours or more or shows other signs of dehydration
  • your baby is under 3 months and has a temperature of 38C, or is older than 3 months and has a temperature of 39C or higher
  • your baby feels hotter than usual when you touch their back or chest, or feels sweaty
  • your child is very tired or irritable.
Always call 999 or go to A&E in an emergency. UKHSA have highlighted symptoms to keep an eye out for, including if your child:
  • Is having difficult breathing, such as grunting noises or their tummy sucking under their ribs
  • Pauses when they breathe
  • Skin, tongue or lips turning blue in colour
  • Is floppy and will not wake up, or stay awake.
More information can be found here:

Group A Strep – What you need to know – UK Health Security Agency (