Tern Inn & Car Park

Since the outline planning application regarding demolition of Tern Inn and development of area into 28 flats was received – the Parish Council have been inundated with calls / visitors / emails.

The Planning Application can be viewed on South Gloucestershires Planning website – and this is the place to submit your comments as well.  PK16/5906/O – Tern Inn

It was decided to hold the first part of Dodingtons Full Council Meeting on 2nd November – in the hall – to accommodate residents that wanted to attend – and with more than 100 turning up it was a good decision!

Councillors were keen to gauge public opinion – so that when they come to discuss – put comments into South Gloucestershire later in month they are able to represent their parishioners.

Some councillors have already – in a personal capacity put their comments onto the South Gloucestershire website.  It is important to note that these are their views – and the Parish Councils comments will be ratified on 16th November at their Planning Committee Meeting.

The agenda for this meeting can be seen here Planning Agenda – the meeting will be open to the public (as all council meetings are) – and instead of Council Chamber – it will be held in the main hall.

Councillors and the Clerk are aware of other meetings that are being held – by local residents groups – and petitions that are being set up, etc.

The links to these can be found on the Tern Inn Groups and Meetings page.

Dodington PC realise that there may be other view points as well – and if the application is ‘called in’ by Cllr Linda Boon and a site meeting is held on Heron Way- those supporting the development as well as those opposing it will get equal opportunity to be heard.

Chairman David Lane (Full Council) and Cllr Christine Howard (Planning Committee) did ask if anyone was in favour of the development the other night – if you have any comments that you would like to make to councillors – but don’t feel you can do it in a public meeting – then please contact Clerk or your local member accordingly.

If you were at the meeting on 16th November – you will be aware that members of Dodington Parish Council RESOLVED to STRONGLY OBJECT to the application.  Full details of their submission to South Gloucestershire Council can be seen here Response to South Gloucestershire Council