QEII Consultation

Consultation – QEII Playing Fields

Updated 06.01.22

Aerial image of QEII Playing Fields

Dodington Parish Council, owner of QEII Playing Fields, has been awarded some funding from South Gloucestershire Council.  The funding awarded is from the development of the old Rodford School site and has been set aside for improvement of sports provision in the local area, with QEII Playing Fields being one of those sites.

Over the past year, members of the Parish Council have been looking at different options. Following a Gloucestershire FA pitch inspection report, it was decided not to use the money for pitch drainage. We have a suggested programme of works to improve the pitches and we could purchase the equipment and train staff to do this, but this didn’t seem the best use of funds.
Our changing rooms have only recently been refurbished and although we could look at extending them, demand at grass roots level isn’t there — and again this was felt not to be best use of funds.
The funding has to be used at QEII Playing Fields (we can’t use it anywhere else) and it has to be for participative sport. If the money is not spent here, it will go elsewhere within South Gloucestershire. As such a running track has been suggested.

In 2021, the Parish Council conducted an informal survey of local residents to find out how the playing fields and to see what everyone thinks of the idea of a running track.  Thank you for all of the responses we received.  Soon we will be holding a more detailed consultation with residents and other key stakeholders, such as the football teams that play at the fields.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Parish Council office – 01454 866546 / clerk@dodingtonpc.org.uk

Survey form (as distributed to households in 2020/21): QEII Consultation Form PDF