Burial Grounds

Eligibility criteria for grave spaces and cremation plots

Category Notes
1. All Parishioners No restriction on length of stay in the Parish
2. Former Parishioners Most of life spent in the Parish – e.g. moved to nursing home for final years
3. Church or Parish connection Existing or former significant connection with St Peter’s Church or the Civil or Ecclesiastical Parish (Parochial Church Council to be consulted where necessary)
4. Parish Councillors residing outside the Parish Minimum of 8 years’ service to the Council
5. Former Parish Councillors residing outside the Parish Minimum of 8 years’ service to the Council
6. Family connection with the Churchyard Mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter etc already interred


*As approved at the Ordinary Council Meetings on 28 July 1999 and on 5 January 2000
(Minute 9/00), as well as the Environment & Planning Committee Meeting on 9 January

Graves and cremation plots must be purchased on a 2 person basis – i.e. a husband
and wife cannot have separate graves/plots. Family applications will be considered on
their merits. (Further conditions approved at Environment & Planning Committee
Meeting on 11 July 2001).

The Parish Council reserves the right to use its discretion in the interpretation of these

At the planning Committee meeting on 3rd February 2010 it was resolved to no longer accept reservations for burial or cremation plots. This is due to the shortage of spaces available in Wapley Burial Ground.


Parish Non Parish
£ £
For the interment in a grave in respect of which an exclusive right of burial has been granted:-
(i) of the body of a still-born child and a person up to the age of 17 years 151.00 302.00
(ii) of the body of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 17 years 302.00 604.00
For the exclusive right of burial in an earthen grave 600.00 1000.00
(N.B. this charge applies to both categories (i) and (ii) above)
For the right to erect or place in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted:-
Headstone and vase, subject to the conditions, specification and regulations relating thereto 151.00 151.00
Second inscription/replacement headstones 120.00 120.00
For the exclusive right of burial in cremation plot 151.00 151.00
For interment of ashes 151.00 151.00
For memorial tablet not exceeding 0.46m by 0.46m 120.00 120.00
Second inscription/replacement tablets 120.00 120.00
Each search 45.00 45.00
Each certified copy 45.00 45.00

Grave space application form

Rules & Regulations

1. Visitors

  1. All visitors are requested to respect the grounds by behaving in a quiet, orderly and considerate manner.
  2. No unauthorised person shall touch or interfere with any flowers, plants, trees or shrubs, or any memorial of any nature whatsoever.
  3. Watering cans should be returned to the area by the tap after use and dead flowers, foliage etc should be placed in the bins provided.
  4. Vehicles will only be allowed into the grounds with the consent of the Clerk to the Council (hereafter referred to as the Clerk).
  5. Smoking is not permitted within the grounds.
  6. Dogs should not be exercised within the grounds.

2. Notice of Interment

  1. Notice of interment will be accepted by telephone but must be confirmed in writing immediately, together with the appropriate charges due.
  2. Full details must be given on the printed form supplied and responsibility for any error or omission will rest upon the person signing the notice.
  3. Not less than 72 hours notice is required for an interment (exclusive of Sundays and Bank Holidays).

3. Hours of Interment

The grounds are open for interments from 9.30 am until 4.00 pm on Monday to Friday. Interments at other hours may be arranged in special circumstances.

4. Funerals

In the case of funerals attended by bands of music, the band must cease playing at the entrance to the Churchyard. No playing will be allowed inside the grounds unless approved by the Council. No special or unusual ceremony or demonstration will be permitted in the grounds nor any service other than the service at the time of the funeral.

5. Officiating Minister

The person arranging a burial shall be responsible for the attendance of a Minister to officiate at the burial service.

6. Exhumation

After interment, no body may be removed from a grave without the production to the Clerk of the faculty or licence required by law.

7. Coffins

  1. Coffins should be wood or other natural bio-degradable material.
  2. No body shall be buried within three feet of the ordinary level of the ground.
  3. Where a grave is re-opened for the purpose of making another interment therein, no person shall disturb any human remains interred therein or remove therefrom any soil which is offensive.

8. Grave Spaces

  1. Eligibility for interment and grave purchase in the burial ground will be as determined from time to time by the Council. The transfer of ownership of a grave must be notified to the Clerk.
  2. The selection of grave spaces will be as determined by the Clerk. A plan showing the situation of the grave spaces is kept in the Council’s office and may be inspected free of charge by interested persons.
  3. Graves must be purchased on a 2 person basis – i.e. a husband and wife cannot have separate graves. Family applications will be considered on their merits.
  4. All grave spaces are approximately 2130 mm (7ft) by 1222 mm (4ft) and will be dug to such depth as the Council may think fit but that depth must allow for up to two interments.

9. Cremation Plots

Eligibility for interment of ashes in the area set aside in St Peter’s Churchyard will be as determined from time to time by the Council.

10. Excavation of Graves and Cremation Plots

All work in connection with the above will be carried out by persons approved by the Clerk. Such work must be completed to the satisfaction of the Clerk.

11. Memorials

  1. Memorials may be erected on graves. However, a drawing showing dimensions, proposed inscriptions, and description of the memorial on the relevant application form must be forwarded to the Clerk for prior approval.
  2. No memorials may be erected or removed until approval has been granted by the Clerk who may require the removal of any memorial not complying with the permitted conditions.
  3. All memorials to be erected in the lawn section of the burial ground will consist of a headstone of natural quarried stone in white, grey, black or brown.
  4. All memorials must be completely worked before they are admitted to the grounds. No work of any kind thereon, beyond that of fixing, shall be allowed within the grounds except the cutting of an inscription which cannot be made prior to the erection of such memorial.
  5. No memorial shall be altered, or interfered with, after it has been erected in the grounds according to the design submitted to, and approved by, the Clerk nor shall any additional inscription be cut thereon without the consent of the Clerk.
  6. A copy of every additional inscription must be submitted to, and approved by, the Clerk before the work is commenced.
  7. One vase only of a natural quarried stone in white, grey, black or brown will be permitted on each grave and must not exceed 305mm (12 inches) in any direction. It must be placed in the 915mm (3ft) x 610mm (2ft) area at the head of the grave.
  8. Further details of the specification and installation methods required for memorials, including cremation tablets in St Peter’s Churchyard, are given in the relevant application form.
  9. Temporary crosses made of metal or wood are not allowed prior to the erection of a headstone.

12. Admission of workmen, plant, machinery and materials

  1. No workmen will be admitted or equipment/materials received in the grounds on Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas Day, Bank Holidays or after 12 noon on Saturday unless special permission is granted by the Clerk.
  2. Carts or trucks must not remain in the grounds for longer than is necessary for loading and unloading.
  3. All spoil must be removed from site.
  4. Any damage done in connection with approved work in the grounds will be the responsibility of the person doing such damage. Such persons will be expected to have public liability insurance.

13. Care & Safety of Memorials

  1. Responsibility for the safety of memorials lies with the owner of the grave or cremation plot.
  2. The owner of a private grave is responsible for the removal and replacement of all memorials when such grave is re-opened.
  3. The Council reserves the right to remove, refix or re-align any memorial or stone which, in its opinion, has become unsafe or dilapidated or which, in its opinion, is not kept in proper repair, or ask the owner to remove it. The owner of the grave is liable for the expense incurred in so doing.

14. Planting of bulbs and flowers

  1. The planting of bulbs and flowers is not permitted except in the area 915mm (3ft) x 610mm (2ft) specified at the head of the grave in the lawn section.
  2. Cut flowers should be placed in the containers approved for that purpose.

15. Removal of ornamentation

  1. Graves will be turfed flat once they have settled down to ground level and will be grassed over and mown regularly.
  2. Any unauthorised items, including toys, ornaments, vases and personal items, will be removed from the graves without prior notice.

16. Fees

The prescribed fees for grave and cremation plot purchase, interment, memorials and search of the burial register etc will be as determined by the Council from time to time. A copy of the table of fees will be available free of charge from the Clerk.

17. Date of Operation

These rules and regulations were approved by the Council on 21 December 2005 and came into force with effect from 1 January 2006. The Council reserves the right to make amendments where appropriate from time to time.


A register of burials is kept by the Clerk to the Council. Searches may be made and certified extracts obtained on payment of the prescribed fee.